Reviews & Quotes

“Imagine early Led Zep, Free and Bad Company being rolled together and futuristically cast into 2007; this gives you but a slight insight into the rock sound of Oohlala. The band is tight and very much masters of their own destiny, with a sound that conjures up the free spirit of how rock bands used to be. The past is present but definitely not outdated with Oohlala” - Tony Bates, Highlands FM MAY 2007
“I picked up Oohlala's EP over the weekend. It's barely left my stereo since then. This is good stuff! Simon's vocals are amazing, the band as a whole, sound like they are having a great time. Oohlala give the impression that to see them perform live would be wild experience indeed. Musical influences seem to come from everywhere and it's an interesting combination, this CD instantly appealed. Chop The Mutha Down will be added to BBFM's new release mix this week and I'll also be giving it a spin my show.” - Monica Holm, BBFM – MAY 2007
"Ooh La la pack the punch of world class vocals ala Foreigner and Lou Gram with a world class band ... they are pure class" - Ingrooves - MAY 2007
“Getting tired of McDonalds music? Craving something with a bit of soul, bit of feeling, bit of a raw edge? Then I've got just the prescription. Oohlalala...Ooh La La are a band from our very own Inner West, who profess to have a passion for early boogie, soul, and early rock n roll. I for one am loving the local flavour. Any chicks out there should definitely head out to this: what's cooler than dating a guy in a band?” - - Review April 2006
“Oohlala - my favourite band. And I’m not just talking on a local level here (the only thing local about this band is the fact that they live close by). Their songs, musicianship and stage presence could equal any international band that has graced Australian stages. The initial focal point of Oohlala is singer Simon Meli. He is the most charismatic singer I’ve witnessed in a long time. Not only does he know how to work the stage and engage the audience., he’s also got the vocal goodss Favourites of the set included Chop The Mutha Down, Dog Gone Insane and closing tune One Night Only. The only disappointing thing about Oohlala’s set is that it had to end!” - The Drum Media - Review June 2006
“Sydney band Oohlala – they maybe new as far as their name goes, but there’s nothing musically juvenile about this ensemble. Frontman Simon Meli has more soul that the devil could ever collect. Every note and every lyric is delivered with more passion than the most tragic of Shakespeare novels. Flanked by a talented bunch of accomplished musicians, there is not one moment whilst watching their show that I ever felt the need to wander off to the bar or mingle in the crowd – the words awe inspiring and jaw dropping spring to mind. To borrow a comment from a joyous crowd member, this band is the blackest white band in Sydney. Oohlala is what The Black Crowes would have been today or what Mother Hubbard would been if they had stayed together” - The Brag - Review June 2006
“When you read that there are four young men from Sydney western suburbs who took their name from Rod Stewart’s old band The Faces, you should be in no doubt that the classic 60’s rock sensibilities don’t end with the name. There’s more than a little AC/DC about the track, delivered with just enough of the Bons (though with a falsetto the late Scott could only dream of to pull it off. In fact, that falsetto seems a favourite tool of singer Simon Meli, which on other songs sits him somewhere between an early Freddie Mercury meets Robert Plant, with the band making a reasonable fist of keeping up” - Single Review-The Drum Media – September 2006
“OohLaLa is a rock band ……. here they could join Australia’s great list of party bands. The songs sound like they have been recorded in a sweaty studio back in 1972 and, as far as the band is concerned, Led Zeppelin, T-Rex and The Who are the only bands that existed.” - MEDIASEARCH - November 2006
“Ooh la la ............ I really enjoy it. I especially enjoyed the track "Chop the Mutha Down" and will be showcasing it on my radio show, "The Kitchen", Friday night, November 10, 8-10 PM EST, on WCDB 90.9 FM, to an audience enveloping the Capital Region of New York. Additionally, I've added your record to rotation so it may score other plays during the week. If you'd like to let your fans know when to tune in, "Chop the Mutha Down" should be on with a prologue at approx. 8:30 PM EST. WCDB can be listened to in a live stream at our website: Thanks again for the record!” - Leon Ferri, Promotions Director, 90.9 WCDB-FM - November 2006
“If, as we all hope, real music is making a comeback, fuelled by bands like The Answer, then you'll be delighted to know that Australia has their very own blues n' soul fuelled sensation ready for lift off. Oohlala are the band and this four track EP is a sensational introduction to their raw, invigorating music. High octane Hammond drenched slabs of power, they have it all - great songs and musicians, all topped off with the stratospheric vocals of Simon Meli. Three of the songs are absolute gems, with "Yeah People" simply life affirming.” - ZEITGEIST - November 2006
“Oohlala are the band and this four track EP is a sensational introduction to their raw, invigorating music. Vocalist Simon Meli is the key to the highway with a classic rock’n’soul voice topping off some high octane Hammond drenched slabs of power. The rest of the band are no slouches either with guitarist Tony Kvesic laying down some fine grooves backed abily by bassist Sergio Cogniglione and drummer Steel O’Neill they have it all - great songs and musicians, all topped off with the stratospheric vocals of Simon Meli………………As the band say Ooh La La give it to you, like a hit in the heart, injecting one whole hunk of Rhythm & Blues, Sweet Soul Music.” - Stuart A Hamilton, Blues Matters Magazine uk November 2006